The Regulatory (Fire Safety) Order 2005 explains that grease extraction duct systems pose a substantial fire risk if not maintained and cleaned on a regular basis. From April 2006 not keeping these systems clean became an offence due to the risk of personal injury or death from a fire associated with a poorly maintained system. This could result in charges of corporate liability or manslaughter to be brought against the person responsible for these systems.

Zillion Cleaning TR19 Duct Cleaning Services are fully certified to carry out the canopy and extraction duct cleaning work in accordance with fire safety regulations and in line with the TR/19 HVCA recommendations, issued by the B&ES in (British and European Standards Publications).

Protect Your Investment: Essential Grease Extract System Cleaning Services

Have you ever wondered why insurance companies sometimes deny claims worth millions? Surprisingly, it often boils down to a seemingly mundane aspect – the regular cleaning of grease extract systems. Neglecting this crucial maintenance could be the reason behind insurance refusals, putting your hard-earned investment at risk.

Our professional services not only ensure compliance with your building insurance policy but go beyond to guarantee the efficiency of your system. By keeping greasy ductwork to a minimum, we create an environment that is less favorable to bacteria and cockroaches.

At Zillion cleaning, we understand the importance of maintaining a safe and efficient kitchen environment. That’s why we are offering a complimentary quote for our Kitchen Grease Extract cleaning services. Safeguard your property, comply with insurance policies, and promote a hygienic kitchen space by taking advantage of our expertise. Contact us today for your free quote – because prevention is the key to protection!

Transform Your Workspace with Unified Team Solutions

In the dynamic world of business, the power of a cohesive team cannot be overstated. Imagine having a single team working harmoniously to cultivate a productive environment, fostering greater efficiencies, and establishing transparent working policies for your business. It’s not just a dream – it’s a proven strategy for success.

At Zillion Cleaning, we bring this vision to life through our comprehensive services, focusing on the heart of your operations – the kitchen. Our Kitchen Canopy/Fan/Duct Cleaning services are designed not only to enhance cleanliness but to contribute to a more efficient and transparent working environment.

  • Certification to TR19
  • Full comprehensive report with pre and post-photos
  • Access door installation
  • Fire damper checks
  • Detailed schematic drawing of the system
  • Filter replacement

Safeguard Your Kitchen: The Crucial Role of Grease Extract System Maintenance

In the realm of culinary operations, ensuring efficiency goes hand in hand with prioritizing safety. Shockingly, approximately 70% of commercial kitchen fires find their origins in poorly maintained grease extract systems. The repercussions of such fires are not just significant; they can be life-altering. Insurance claims may face obstacles without evidence of a systematic cleaning regimen for the grease extract system.

Cleanliness and fire safety are indispensable ingredients for a well-managed kitchen. The focal point of this equation is your kitchen’s grease extract system, a breeding ground for grease and oil deposits within the canopy and associated components, posing a potential fire risk. Alarmingly, the majority of commercial kitchen fires stem from faulty ventilation systems plagued by grease build-ups.

At Zillion Cleaning we understand the gravity of these concerns. Our comprehensive kitchen cleaning services go beyond the surface, tackling the unseen parts of your grease extract system to mitigate fire risks and ensure the overall safety of your kitchen. 

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