Zillion Cleaning Services provide a quality, comprehensive office cleaning Cambridge service to businesses across Cambridgeshire. Our service is reliable, consistent, and cost-effective.

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As part of all our office cleaning packages, we will supply you with our Quality Assurance Report. This report is completed monthly.

The list below shows our standard office cleaning tasks, we are always happy to tailor what we do to meet the needs of your office, contact us if you require further tasks.

Reception Cleaning

  • Vacuum carpet
  • Reception counter dust and fingerprint-free
  • Artwork dusted and glass cleaned
  • Phones and computers wiped down
  • Tabletops dusted and polished
  • Magazines organised
  • Rubbish emptied

Offices/Cubicles Cleaning

  • Desks dusted
  • Carpets Cleaned and vacuumed
  • Filing cabinets wiped down
  • Windowsills wiped down
  • Phones and Computers wiped down
  • Door glass cleaned
  • Bookcases/book spines dusted
  • Light fixtures dusted or wiped down
  • Rubbish emptied

Washrooms Cleaning

  • Sink, fixtures, and toilets cleaned and sanitised
  • Mirrors polished
  • Countertops cleaned and sanitised
  • Soap and towel dispensers wiped down
  • Floors mopped
  • Rubbish emptied

Kitchen/Break Room Cleaning

  • Sink, fixtures, and countertops wiped down and sanitised
  • Stovetop and refrigerator wiped down
  • Microwave wiped down
  • Cabinets dusted or wiped
  • Wall outlets wiped and sanitised
  • Tables, benches, and chairs wiped down
  • Rubbish emptied

Daily Office Cleaning Services

Our cleaning specialists will come to your office/building every day at a pre-specified time to complete the checklist of office cleaning jobs.

Periodic Office Cleaning Services

Whether it’s once a week, twice a week, once a fortnight, or even once a month, we will be happy to be at your office on time and ready to clean.

One-Off Office Cleans

We and offer a one-off clean for an office of any size, this will include any number of the services included in our standard office cleaning tasks, along with any additional services you may need.

Telephone & Computer Cleaning

As part of our extensive office cleaning Cambridge, we include telephone and computer cleaning. Good IT and telephone hygiene are essential to any business, helping to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria in the workplace.

This includes surface cleaning of any office appliances, computer, screens, keyboards, mice, telephones, printer/fax machines, scanners, and photocopiers.

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